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Invoicing & Billing for Everyone

Prepaze Invoicing is quick, easy, and secure to set up, sort, and track your invoices in real-time. Superior cloud-based accounting software to efficiently manage your finances, schedule and record payments, and track sales.

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Monitoring & Customizable Dashboards

Tailor your dashboard and invoice design to match the design of your brand. Our experts can help you create aesthetically pleasing and functional dashboards for each of us. We have numerous templates to choose from to suit the needs of small businesses, freelancers, and enterprises.


Generating Invoices in Just a Few Clicks

Our invoice software lets you generate and send professional invoices faster than ever. Create, save, and manage all invoices and more in just a few clicks. To save more time and effort, you can use our template to generate all your invoices for the month with just a few clicks. Generate, save, and print as many as you would like with our invoice generator.


Create Automated Billing

Save your precious time by automatically billing regular and long-term clients with recurring invoices. By Setting up an automated billing profile, you can automatically bill and charge customers that receive periodic products and services. This will save you tons of time.


Adding Product/Service to the Invoice Cycle

You can add a one-time product or service invoice from the customer page so that it can be billed in the upcoming subscription invoice cycle. Products of the same family but with different prices can also be attached to a subscription and billed in a single invoice every billing period.


Easy Payment Options

We offer integration with multiple payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and Square. One-time and recurring invoices can be set up in a few easy steps.


Managing Customer Center

Manage your client portal and keep track of all their invoice activities in just a single place. Search for invoices using the customer name, ID, company name, or paid or past due invoices. There is an option to add a customer to the invoice or remove obsolete customers. You will know when a client has made payment for an invoice. Notifications will be sent to you when a client has viewed an invoice with a real-time status view.

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